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What is the supervision certificate?

What is the supervision certificate?

It is a document prepared by an surveillance company that investigates whether the exported goods are suitable for the importer's order.

Whether the export or imported goods are suitable for the specified amounts, quality and characteristics, packaging, labeling, loading, transportation, delivery time, etc. The extent to which it is appropriate to the conditions and the request of a post -technical examination by the International Surveillance experts in line with the request of the seller or recipient is called surveillance. The realization of the surveillance can be done at the exit of the goods or at the destination of the goods.

In general, countries that require surveillance certificate; All the Republics of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Korea, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Morocco, Ivory, Gabon, Kenya, Kuwait, Madagascar, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Ugandna, Vietnam, Ghana, Iraq Northern Iraq Regional Government (KRG), Cambodia, Kuwait, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Somalia, Congo Democratic Republic, Senegal, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, South Sudan, Cuba, Malaysia, Jordan and so on.


What does surveillance certificate do?

It is a fact that any goods that are subject to commercial transactions should be controlled at every stage from production to consumption, which is accepted in all countries of the world. Thanks to these documents, the problems arising from the production phase will be eliminated and poor quality goods will be prevented. Quality control at the end of production; It is important in determining the quality of the goods before the distribution of the goods to the market and ensures the determination of the situation of the goods before the shipment or before the delivery of the goods to the buyer. The shipment of the goods that do not have certain quality standards, the return of the goods by the buyer, the sale of the goods at low price, etc. It also brings problems.

Thanks to these surveillance documents, the control of the goods subject to the contract, neutral, reliable and internationally recognized and accepted organizations, to determine the situation of the goods with the reports of these organizations, provides a sense of confidence to both the buyer and the seller and the elimination of disruptions that may arise after sales will help.


How to obtain the supervision certificate?

1. Reports and documents are prepared by the companies accepted by countries that have received the status of the “International Surveillance Company".

2. In the event that the sales contract includes a Certificate of Inspection (or in accordance with the legislation of the country where the product is sent), the seller applies to an observation company that is agreed with the recipient and requesting it for the realization and start of the surveillance process. Some of the quality controls take place during the production phase of the goods to be exported.

3. The surveillance firm issued a report from the moment the export control is completed and the goods are delivered from the loading point to the transport vehicle. Which surveillance company has issued a report on the reports is completed by writing on its special papers containing its private watermarks and logos.


Documents requested for surveillance documents

1st petition

2. Proforma Invoice

3. Quality Certificate

4. Test Report


Conditions to be considered during the preparation of the surveillance report?

The company, which is a seller, should first consult with an supervision company about how to issue a report on what kind of surveillance report will be issued, and if a change will be made during the production and before the referral, it should be understood with the buyer company. Otherwise, a situation such as not being able to obtain a report from the surveillance company may be encountered. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of a representative in the country where the supervisory company is located. In this way, the follow -up of jobs will be healthier.