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Reddet Kabul Et

Mevlana Development Agency (MEVKA) is a regional development agency operating in Konya and Karaman cities of Turkiye and working under the coordination of Ministry of Industry and Technology. MEVKA is a governmental agency which also includes Investment Support Offices (ISO).

ISOs aim to promote our provinces internationally, provide information to foreign investors and assist them in establishing their businesses regarding the issues such as licenses, permissions and other formal issues. ISOs coordinate licenses and manages operations to ease and improve the investment climate of the region. All of our services are free of chargecan find further information about the region and the instutional structure in our websites:  "invest in Konya" www.investinkonya.gov.tr      and          www.mevka.org.tr


Also with the  “one-stop Office” we manage the following processes free of charge:

  • Provide Information And Guide Investors
  • Facilitate Connections With Institutions
  • Assist Processes Of Starting Businesses
  • Coordinate Permit And License Procedures