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Turan Plastik Ambalaj İç Ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi

With the entrepreneurial leadership of Hasan Turan, our history began in 1988 in Konya a small Anatolian city. Its corporate structure enriched in the process, with the steps taken in the areas of product innovation, customer focus, and strategic growth. In this direction of enrichment by adopting the most modern management and production standards we are proud that we achieved the globalization success of Turan Plastic brand not only in our country but also in nearly 40 countries across the world. Our ability to grasp consumer insight, our expertise in innovation, design, and production together with our capability to support our customers at every stage of the product development process, and our investments in technology and social capital have helped us become one of the leaders of the sector in our country. In order to provide 'protective packaging' solutions that will help our customers achieve their goals; and to keep progressing, develop our sector and create added value for growth, we always act in partnership with our customers, coworkers and industry associations. Currently, we produce products that affect our natural life; optimizing designs while meeting functional requirements, selecting more environmental-friendly materials and more efficient production methods are part of our product development process. On top of that, for a sustainable future, we train our employees and keep under control the use of our resources such as raw materials by trying to minimize the electricity, gas and water waste with the idea of taking energy efficiency to the highest level. Also, we pay attention to our packaging to be recyclable as we continue to work with various private entrepreneurs to use recycled plastics in different valuable applications and increase the recycling rate. With envisioning new opportunities, we successfully maintain our quality management system by getting our facility certified with the latest quality certificates and BRC certification. We carefully inspect and test every packaging we produce. When our customers use any of our products, they will provide their consumers with a flawless user experience and thereby nudging consumers to buy more. Our development mission as Turan Plastic is to continue our innovative packaging solutions with optimizing our processes, improving our sustainability initiatives, and providing high-quality products and services to our customers.



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PLASTIC Polypropylene
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