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Who Makes the GTIP Determination?

Who Makes the GTIP Determination?

GTIP code, that is, Customs Tariff Statistics Position code, is a very important detail for the correct classification of products in import and export transactions. So, who determines GTIP and which institutions or individuals are involved in determining this code?


Exporter and Importer Companies

In the first step, exporter or importer companies usually determine the GTIP code. Companies choose an appropriate GTIP code by taking into account the characteristics of the products. However, this determination is only a preliminary step and is submitted to the relevant customs office for final approval.


Customs Administration

The institution that finalizes the GTIP code is usually the customs administration. Customs officers may approve the GTIP code or request a change after reviewing the product's documentation. If there is an error or discrepancy, it is usually detected during this stage.


Foreign Trade Consultants and Experts

In some cases, companies may work with foreign trade consultants or experts to determine GTIP. These experts can determine the most appropriate GTIP code by performing detailed analysis of the products. This expert opinion is especially useful for companies that trade complex and large numbers of products.


The answer to the question of who makes the GTIP determination usually consists of several different steps. First, a preliminary determination is made by the exporter or importer company. This code is then approved or corrected by the customs administration. Foreign trade experts can also step in to prevent complex situations from arising. At this point, it should not be forgotten that GTIP code determination requires expertise.